About Us

Welcome to Whispering Metalworks!  

We find our inspiration while browsing thrift stores, craft stores, and flea markets ... always on the hunt for vintage or funky items with unique shapes and colors in the hopes of creating something whimsical that will make people smile. We target those that would like something unique...original...made from the heart. ♥ 


We recently moved back to our home state of Washington, in a quite little city called Yelm. Here we enjoy the outdoors and all that it has to offer - with offloading and fishing being our true passion. Although we are truly dedicated to our business, sometimes the draw of the wilderness calls to us - and we just have to get out and enjoy it! That's what makes our my work even more special - we are not a robot that turn out the same things over and over. We enjoy the ability to be creative, and to be flexible enough to come up with one of a kind pieces that are a delight to all!



We got our start in metalworking by just tinkering around with some old estate pieces we had around the house. In fact, the very first piece we made was a wind chime. At first we used our creations as decorations around our own house and yard, and as our confidence grew we started to give them out as gifts. Following the suggestions of our family and friends, we decided to market our creations to the public - and from that moment on we have grown by leaps and bounds.



Everything we have to offer has been handmade, and in fact some of our pieces have been a whole family effort to create. There is often a history behind each of our creations - feel free to drop us a note at any time if you have any questions about the specifics of any of the times we have for sale. A great way to get to know us is to follow our blog - stop on by and say hello!


A very interesting thing to note is that Kelly, the head of our company is an over the road truck driver. So being male, and being a driver certainly raises an eyebrow to some. Who would think that the stereotypical "dirty ole' truck driver" could create beautiful works of jewelry and art? Well, he is living proof that they can and do! He has been a truck driver in one fashion or another all of his adult life, and he has seen many amazing parts of the country along the way. But it is a lonely and thankless job, and quite frankly his old bones are getting pretty worn out and tired. So he works hard every single day to promote our wares with the hopes of one day getting off the road and make crafting and creating his full time job.



 Thank you so very much for supporting your local artist - it is our customers that make us who we are and we appreciate each and every one of you!