Wind chime made rustic silver spoons - steampunk home decoration - black and purple glass beads - re purposed garden art upcycled kitchen


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Wind chime / re-purposed flatware and silver / black and purple glass beads / garden art / steampunk home decor / silver spoon windchime

This wind chime is a mix of disassembled silver pieces in brought back to life in more ways than one. Within its wonder, you will find two different candelabras, a pine cone candle, little silver candy dishes, a napkin ring, and a mix of antique and vintage spoons - all silver plated. The beads are in varying tones of purple, mixed in with black hematite for a bold contrast. The bead work is unlike any we have done before, and has almost a spider and web like appearance. The sound is amazing and with so many moving pieces, it really picks up the wind nicely.

It measures approximately 11" wide x 30" long (measurement includes the length of the top hook for hanging).

* You will receive the actual item that is shown in the photos - it is a one of a kind piece of art.  

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A short video of this wind chime in action can be found on our Instagram page. If you stop by to take a peek, be sure to sure to post a hello! Here is a direct link to the clip:


We test each and every one of our wind chimes our own yard, and although nothing is meant to withstand a Texas tornado, they have been proven to withstand the breezes and wind that we have here in Central Oregon.

We use coated stainless steel wire and crimps to attach each piece which accounts for their strength and durability - where others simply use fishing line and knots that easily break down from the UV rays of the sun. We only use glass, crystal, or natural stone beads - never any plastic.

We take a great deal of pride in re-purposing and up-cycling, and our wind chimes are a true example of utilizing old forgotten flatware to it's fullest. Of course, whoever originally purchased these silver plated pieces would have intended their use to be on an an elegant dinner table and over time they were probably stored in a cabinet to treasure as family heirlooms. Oh, to just think of the history! We in turn purchased them for the next step in their journey, which would be to continue their legacy as works of art. We do strive to purchase as many of our supplies as possible from local vendors, so as we see it we have brought these pieces full circle and in turn have supported our local small business economy!

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